Unified digital Client Management System (CMS) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) System

CTARS is a disruptive person-centric collaborative care platform to drive connected care within the behavioural health and children’s services sectors using intelligent clinically based workflows, real time monitoring, and business process automation to drive improved care based outcomes and operational efficiencies/cost savings. 

Human services organizations providing disability programs, short term residential treatment programs (STRTP), behavioral health support, residential programs, outpatient mental health and other program areas use CTARS every day to drive success

Multi-tenanted platform with open APIs to embrace connectivity with other organizational systems and devices






WHY?  Capture more data and identify insights and trends to make informed decisions


Significant financial benefits

WHAT? Utilise intelligent clinically based workflows  to improve productivity and drive additional revenue capacity and reduce costs



HOW? Ensure compliance with legislative requirements through industry best-practise frameworks embedded within CTARS and improve risk management

The CTARS care collaboration platform sits at the center of the care delivery process, driving and facilitating all aspects of operational activity with real-time connectivity with other organizational systems allowing staff to focus on care delivery rather than administration, as administration processes are automated with the CTARS solution

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