CTARS Privacy Policy

A. Application of Policy

CTARS is committed to protecting the privacy of personal information in accordance with its obligations under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (the Privacy Act) and, in particular, the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs).

This policy applies to personal information collected by Ctars Pty Ltd and its related bodies corporate

Under the Privacy Act, personal information is broadly defined. In simple terms it means any information about an individual (i.e. a natural person) who can be identified from the information, whether the information is true or not and whether recorded in a material form or not.

B. Employee Records Exemption

This policy does not apply to personal information held by the Group relating to the employment of a current or former employee (employee records).

C. Handling of Personal Information

 1.        What personal information do we collect?

CTARS collects personal information as reasonably necessary to provide its services and to manage its relationships with clients and other parties.

The types of personal information collected will depend on the services being provided and the circumstances of collection. For example, for some health records, we will collect personal information from the parties involved (including childrens’ records etc.) in which case all CTARS employees are validated by the NSW State Government for working with children.

CTARS will sometimes need to collect personal information about individuals who are representatives of the organisations receiving CTARS services (such as business contact details).

2.       How is personal information collected and held?

CTARS will collect personal information directly from the individual to whom it relates whenever practicable. This may be done verbally (e.g. in person or over the telephone), in writing (e.g. by letter, fax, email, application or other form) or through contact via our websites.

In circumstances where it is not practicable to collect the information directly from the individual, CTARS may collect the information via third parties. This may occur, for example:

1.            from other agents and contractors who work with CTARS;

2.            from property owners for whom we market properties or provide other services;

3.           from market research companies contracted by CTARS to obtain information in relation to services or from which we purchase mailing lists; or

4.           from publicly available information and databases.

From time to time, CTARS may include links on its website to the websites of other organisations. CTARS is not responsible for the content or privacy practices of those other websites or organisations.

Personal information received by CTARS is held securely, either in electronic files on CTARS computer systems or in physical files held on CTARS premises.

3.       How do we use personal information?

CTARS holds and uses personal information for the following purposes:

1.            to provide services to clients;

2.            to manage third party relationships including with contractors and consultants;

3.           for security purposes (e.g. details collected on registration to the website); and

4.           to conduct marketing activities, including keeping individuals informed about our services and properties we are dealing with.

4.       Disclosure of personal information to third parties

CTARS may disclose personal information to third parties – for example, to our contractors, customers/clients, potential vendors, purchasers, landlords or tenants, media organisations, other agents and their customers/clients, owners’ corporations/bodies corporate, and to parties engaged to lease a property – for the purpose for which the information was collected or related purposes (such as to complete a transaction or provide a requested service).

Personal information may also be disclosed to advisers (including but not limited to solicitors), financial institutions, government and statutory bodies, and to third party contractors engaged by CTARS  (e.g. valuers, debt collection services, printing and mailing services, payroll and accounting services, information technology, marketing).

Personal information may be shared between CTARS Group companies (both within and outside Australia) where necessary for our purposes.

Personal information may be disclosed to overseas recipients, including but not limited to CTARS  Group companies.  Overseas recipients are likely to be located in the United States & Canada.

Where we disclose personal information to another party, we will require the third party to use the personal information only for the specific purposes for which we supply the information.

5.       Safeguarding your personal information

CTARS has technological and operational processes and procedures in place to protect personal information from misuse, interference and loss, unauthorised access, modification and disclosure.

6.       How to request access or correct or make a complaint concerning personal information

Under the Privacy Act, you have the right to seek access to personal information we hold about you, subject to some exceptions.

To request access or correct personal information, or to obtain more information about CTARS privacy policy, you can contact CTARS Privacy Officer:

By telephone:   1300 282 777

By letter to:        The Privacy Officer, Ctars.com.au, PO Box R1833 Royal Exchange Sydney 1225

By email:            support@ctars.com.au

CTARS  will respond to a request for access within a reasonable period of time.

Where we refuse access, we will where possible provide you with a written notice setting out our reasons for the refusal and the avenues for complaint about the refusal.

EFFECTIVE 01/01/2018