While the challenges across the disability services, children’s services and aged care are shared across the sector, no two organisations are exactly the same, or have the same challenges and goals. For CTARS, it’s more than just connecting you with a client management system. For us, the greatest benefit to clients, their families, and your staff comes through using CTARS in a way that best suits you to reach the outcomes you need.

From the beginning, our implementation approach aims to support the broader change management needs required to help organisations and their processes meet best practice standards. We’ll commence with design and discovery work to better understand the way you work and your priorities, and then work with you to map your processes with CTARS to meet the outcomes you want. We can provide recommendations and customised training, and our Professional Services Team can continue working with your organisation as often as you need.

Once your implementation is complete, your organisation is assigned a Customer Engagement Manager to continue overseeing your environment and help you with any requests you may have, as well as keep you updated on the changes and advancements taking place to ensure you continue getting the most out of CTARS.

For your staff, knowing that support is available from someone who understands your work is just as important. Whether you’re an independent operator, a small organisation, or a large national provider, CTARS offers phone and email support for you and your staff. From simple requests such as changing a password or finding a certain function in the system, through to more detailed challenges like running reports or analysis, CTARS Support is available to help you when you need it.



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